Color fatigue

by flowergirlknits

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week – just a head cold, but it’s surprising how something like this can really sap your energy. I continue to work away at my current projects, making some progress but not as much as I’d like.

As of this morning the knitting on the Central Park Hoodie is all done! Whoo hoo! However, there is still a lot to do – all of the finishing work which, while satisfying, isn’t nearly as much fun as the knitting. I’m also suffering a little bit of “color fatigue” with this sweater, something that can happen to me especially toward the end of a project. When I see a pattern I’d like to try, I immediately begin agonizing over pondering the color. Sometimes I’ll just stick with the color of the original – it’s often what first caught my eye anyway. But often that just isn’t a color I need or use in my wardrobe (and I like to make things that are wearable), so I begin looking at choices. Yarn choice can narrow the field, but when I use a favorite like Cascade 220 (which I did for the CPH), there are still dozens of colors. Ravelry is great because you can see a finished product in a variety of colors and yarns from other knitters, but that can also add to the confusion. Finally, I pick a color; now I have to look at it for hours and hours while I knit with it. Doubts start to creep in; maybe this color is too orange, or too red, or too yellow. Now on top of size-worry, there is color-worry. I’m nothing if not a Classic Worrier. I think it’s just part of Project Anxiety and it will pass. I always try to pick a color I love (picking one with a great name also seems to help!) and usually find that if for some reason it has to be tucked away for a couple days, my initial reaction when seeing it again is pleasure.

The CPH is on display in the photo above, artfully arranged on one of my snow-covered garden benches (best light today is outside) The little green and orange markers were aids for buttonhole placement. I’m going to weave in ends then block the button bands; like any ribbing it is pulling in slightly. I should be able to start seaming tomorrow or Tuesday. Not sure about the buttons yet; I had these wooden ones on hand but I may take the finished sweater to the store and see what else is available. I am very anxious to have this sweater done while it’s still winter – assuming it fits of course!

The color of this sweater, by the way, is very hard to photograph. These two photos were taken at the same time in the same location; the second photo with the button is much closer to the actual color – more purple than red. (It’s called “garnet” so it fits the criteria of a good name!)