It’s like having my own, personal LYS…

by flowergirlknits

…except, of course, without the helpful staff or giant selection of accessories and notions and needles or the huge yarn inventory (although I’m not doing too badly in the needle and yarn department) What I mean, of course, is Knitting from My Stash, one of my knitting resolutions for 2008.

In preparation for this worthy cause and to make it as easy as possible to succeed (I can use all the help I can get), I went through my stash to figure out exactly what I have. Now, to be honest, my stash is pretty modest; many knitters would think it’s even anemic. The fact remains, I’ve got plenty of yarn for one person – I seem to have a fairly strong hoarding instinct. This stash knitting is not forever mind you, just for the next few months. And so, for the next few months, I’m going to try to knit with what I’ve already got.

I discovered that I had yarn for four sweaters, one vest, two pairs of mittens and at least four scarves and/or hats; these are projects with patterns already acquired and does not count the tweed beret that is languishing while I think about it or the linen/hemp yarn bought on impulse for a purse pattern or the stash of cotton yarn intended for dishcloths. I did not bother to count the sock yarn – I fondled it and ooh’ed and ahh’ed over it and kind of just wallowed in it soft and colorful beauty, but I wasn’t silly enough to actually count it and realize in cold hard facts just how nutty I am. See the box with the blue lid? That’s all sock yarn and nothing but sock yarn and while the lid fits, I did have to do a little pushing and shoving. Needless to say, there’s plenty of sock yarn for all of the sock patterns I currently have in mind and for several that haven’t been written yet….

As you can see, Izzy likes sock yarn too. Smart girl.

Then I organized – I love to organize stuff. All of the yarn bought for specific patterns went into their own zippy bag (I also love zippy bags) along with a copy of the pattern. They’re all neatly lined up in the big basket in the picture. It’s like having kits all ready to grab and knit! Cool! Odds and ends, leftovers, the cotton yarn – all of that is in the box on the bottom. The scarf yarn is in a bag to one side, not seen in this picture. Needles went into another zippy bag. It feels good to be organized – just like a yarn shop! (kinda)

I am going to make a couple of exceptions to my Knit from My Stash project (hey, I’m the President, Treasurer and sole Member of this club – I can make up my own rules!) One is that, as it gets warmer and I start coming across cotton sweaters for spring and summer, I’ll allow the buying of some appropriate cotton yarn (I already have one pattern in mind) Another is I’d like to knit a lap blanket for my Mom; when I’ve decided on the yarn and pattern (still pondering) I’ll go ahead and purchase. I also have a gift certificate to a fabulous yarn shop that is not local but I’ll be visiting in May or June and I’ll certainly be buying something there. And I recently bought the fabulous mitten book Selbuvotter by Teri Shea; I’ll be buying some yarn for these projects but I’ll probably start with Palette yarn from KnitPicks which has a nice range of colors and very reasonable prices – easily under $15 for several skeins (because saving money is also part of Knitting from My Stash)

Exceptions are nice – they give you something to look forward to and help you keep on track!