Personalized knitting swag

by flowergirlknits

My own labels - fancy!Hey! Look at these! I just got my personalized clothing tags for my hand knit items! They delight me beyond belief. These are from Name Maker, a company that specializes in personalized ribbons, gift wrap, gift bags, etc. I saw them in Martha Stewart Weddings and also read about them on a blog (sorry, I’ve forgotten which one!) They have a large variety of ribbon sizes, shapes, colors and fonts to choose from as well as iron-on or sew-on (mine are the kind you sew-on). They also have multiple designs, a choice of embroidered or stamped (these are embroidered) and, if you really want to get fancy, you can do your own custom design.

I wanted mine to be small and simple; small enoughLabel on Cozy V Neck that I could use them inside a mitten or house sock (if the edges are carefully sewn down so they don’t scratch) as well as labels for sweaters. And simple – just the name of my blog/ravelry id. I went with the smallest size, picked a font and a color and ordered. It took about a month for them to arrive, but they are personalized and therefore had to be specially made, and it was over Christmas and New Years which slows everything down. 50 labels for less than $25 – a fun indulgence that makes me giggle.

Worth every penny.