Sock issues

by flowergirlknits

I like to have a pair of socks on the needles at all times – they’re small, they’re fun, they’re relatively quick to finish and the end product is hand knit socks – about the warmest and coziest phrase in the English language. Plus, waving all those tiny double-pointed needles around impresses the heck out of non-knitters.

However, my current work-in-progress pair is giving me some headaches: it’s knitting up much larger than expected! I can’t quite figure out what’s going on…..I’m using the pattern Charade, a lovely pattern that I’ve used before and really like. I’m using a fingering yarn that is specifically for socks – Mountain Colors Bearfoot. And I’m using the same size needles (dpn #1) that I always use. This is the first time I’ve used this yarn so perhaps it knits up a little larger than other fingering weight yarns. And I’m using new needles – I’m using some new “sox sticks” which are just 5 inches long instead of my usual 7 inch Lantern Moon rosewoods. Even though they’re the same size (and I checked them in my needle gauge), there is often some variance between needles. It could be one or several factors causing this size difference.

So here’s the issue: these are intended as a gift. Unfortunately, I don’t know the shoe size of the recipient (I want them to be a surprise) I have just 10 days to get the second sock finished which I should be able to do, but I won’t be able to knit another (smaller) pair in ten days, even if I abandon everything else and call in sick to work a couple days. Do I go ahead and finish these socks, or start another pair with the promise of finishing them after her birthday? The sock that is finished is beautiful – the yarn is silky and soft and warm and the colors are fabulous – rich, deep jewel reds and purples and blues. A trip through the dryer might help the size problem, and/or they’d make excellent sit-around-at-home-on-the-sofa socks. Or is it poor taste to give a too-large gift, no matter how beautiful or thoughtfully knitted?

Also, they fit me (She With the Long Feet) So they wouldn’t exactly go to waste….

Do I continue? Or start anew? Stay tuned.