by flowergirlknits

It was just meant to be – as soon as I saw this mitten pattern I knew I was fated to make them. I have two large oak trees in my front yard and dozens and dozens of squirrels in residence (or so it seems) This is my first stranded color work pattern and, while I made a few mistakes, I’m very happy with the final product.

Pattern: Squirrel Mittens from Hello Yarn

Yarn: Cascade 220 in #8013 Walnut Heather (perfect color/name for these mittens!) and #8010 Cream. Used less than half a skein of each color.

Notes: Love love love this pattern. Very fun and relatively quick. I used worsted weight yarn (the pattern calls for sport weight) which made a slightly larger mitten. I am planning on adding a lining as described by Adrian in her blog; I have some fingering weight merino/cashmere yarn in my stash that should work nicely. This will make them extra warm. The pattern is well written and easy to follow; the charts are clear and simple. I did make a few mistakes with the color patterns, but they are minor and even I have trouble finding them now. Blocking is a miracle! A good soak and then a day or so to dry and minor puckering disappears. The second mitten (the oak leaf) did come out larger than the first – I think my stranding technique (such as it is) was not as good – but again blocking proved to be the solution. It is only a little larger now that it’s dry where before it was noticeably bigger.

By the way, I highly recommend Adrian’s blog Hello Yarn; she sells beautiful yarns, offers many fun and gorgeous patterns (many of which, including the Squirrel Mittens, are free) and her knitted projects are very beautiful and inspirational.