Only 6 months late…

by flowergirlknits

I stayed up late Christmas Eve, bound and determined to finish my Mom’s birthday socks in time to stick them in her stocking. Not surprisingly, a little focus on the job at hand and they made the deadline. Sadly, my Mom’s birthday is actually July 1, so they missed that deadline by a bit. haha However, she knew they were coming and I let her pick the yarn and the pattern. Plus, around here wool socks are not really used a lot in July/August/September. I’m glad they’re done – now I can concentrate on knitting for me! Ha! Well, for a bit anyway – another pair of birthday socks is looming in my near future and my brother was whining that he wants another pair of socks (I think the truth is that he wants the attention!)

Pattern: Jaywalkers by grumperina

Yarn: Chewy Spaghetti in “Lovely” colorway

Notes: This is the second time I’ve knit this pattern and I love it – it’s interesting without being fussy and shows off variegated yarn beautifully. Some people have problems with the sizing – too narrow through the ankle – but this hasn’t been the case for me. I am ambivalent about the yarn – it was finer than I like and splitty which really got on my nerves. The color, however, is fabulous – at first glance it’s bright pink and bright green, but as it knits up more subtle color graduations (especially with the pink) appears. The overall effect on the sock is very striking.

In other knitting news, I’ve started on Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene and it is going like gangbusters – I’m almost finished with the back already! I’m loving it – the cables make it lots of fun to knit. Also, instead of cleaning my house or putting away Christmas stuff (projects that would have been smart to work on) I cast on for Squirrel Mittens by Hello Yarn and spent the day knitting the first mitten while watching DVDs of Frasier. It was a blissfully pleasant day.