by flowergirlknits

See what a good little knitter I’ve been? I’ve been swatching! Big swatches so that the full four inches of stitches can be measured and counted! Each yarn in two different sizes of needles! See the neat little moss stitch borders? On all four sides? And – I washed and blocked them before measuring them! A miracle, right here with photographic evidence.

It’s a good thing I went to all this trouble because I have discovered that apparently I’m a very relaxed knitter and knit rather loosely and I need to go down two – two! – needles sizes. This bothers me a bit – I fear I’m doing something wrong. And I’m not even sure going down two sizes will be enough for the darker yarn at the right – I may also go down a size in the pattern since as it is, I’m scheduled to knit a sweater with needles sizes 1 and 3! Yikes.

Here are the particulars on these swatches. The red-purple yarn at the left is Cascade 220 Heathers for a Central Park Hoodie. I was spot-on with the gauge on this one. The dark purple tweed at the bright is Rowan Felted Tweed in Bilberry for Salina. This is the one I’m having some gauge issues with; I plan to knit the first few inches of the back and measure it against the schematics in the pattern and see how I’m doing.

One great thing about the swatching besides checking gauge is the chance to find out how the yarn behaves. I’ve already worked with Cascade 220 and love it; the the Felted Tweed is new and I can tell you, I love it already too. It’s very soft, the knitted fabric has a nice drape and the the tweedy color is fabulous. Salina is a simple silhouette so a yarn with interesting texture can really shine.

Off to cast on for the CPH!