by flowergirlknits

She’s done! This sweater gave me a lot of headaches – so much ripping out! So much pouring over the pattern directions! So much agonizing! So it makes it even more satisfying to have a finished product that is usable!

Pattern: Ariann by Bonne Marie at ChicKnits

Yarn: Cascade 220, colorway 7807

Size: 40.5″

Mods: Unless you count unintentional mistakes modifications, I made none.

Notes: I should have knit one size smaller (I recently lost a fair amount of weight – on purpose! – and haven’t really mentally adjusted yet. I need to take some careful measurements before I start the next sweater); this is plenty loose on me. The sleeves are a bit too long, but since I have long arms and usually have problems with sleeves that are too short, I’m enjoying not fighting with them; I can easily roll the cuffs up.

In-spite of all the agony, the pattern was easy to follow (I think Bonne Marie – who I’ve never met – may have more confidence in me as an “advanced beginner” than she should. Or I have a more inflated idea of my current skill level than I should!!) The eyelet pattern is beautiful and it is so much fun to watch it grow as you knit. I learned a lot – a lot! – knitting this including buttonholes, eyelet patterns, and increases and decreases in pattern. It’s also a fairly quick knit; even with stopping to fix various mistakes and working on other projects (and oh yeah, going to work every day) it took less than three months to knit.

I also love the yarn – Cascade 220 is a workhorse favorite yarn for a reason. Easy to work with and coming in about a zillion colors, it creates a fabric that is warm and cozy yet lightweight. It softens up nicely after soaking. I do think I blocked the sweater a little too aggressively; to counteract this I – this may shock you – dampened it lightly and put it in the dryer for about 15 minutes total. Yikes! Probably not standard operating procedure, but it helped!

I would recommend this pattern; in fact, I may be knitting it again. I’d like to make it in cotton with three-quarter length sleeves for a light summer sweater. And I will definitely be knitting more ChicKnit designs in the future!