A visit to the LYS

by flowergirlknits

Somehow, in-spite of the pre-Christmas madness, I managed to squeeze in a visit to my LYS today. It’s not terribly local as it’s an hour drive from home, but it’s well worth the trip. This is the yarn shop that convinced me, just with it’s atmosphere and friendliness, to take up knitting again. And take a look at that sign – isn’t it great? Bold and simple and dramatic. I love it.

Crazy Girl Yarn Shop has what appears to be a complete selection of Cascade 220. I love this yarn – a quality wool with great yardage and an incredible range of colors. I especially love the heathers. It’s great to stand in front of the Cascade 220 display and compare the colors (although, this can also drive me crazy – too many choices!) Crazy Girl also has lots of Dale of Norway, Tahki Cotton, Plymouth, etc as well as sock yarns and novelty yarns. They offer lots of classes and free advice and great customer service. They have a large wooden table near the front of the store as a place to drop in and knit either with a group or just yourself. There was a large group there today, engaged in a lively discussion of movies. Everyone seemed to be knitting socks, always a satisfying endeavor.

I do buy a lot of my yarn online – it’s often cheaper and many unique yarns (especially from indie dyers) can only be found online. But I always try to support the LYS too – not difficult for me! Today I found Classic Elite Lush (discontinued colors) and Wings (discontinued) on sale for half price as well as picking up some more needles (at this rate it seems like I will own all of the knitting needles in the world….) It’s a gray day today so no pictures of my purchases, but I have ideas for what they’ll be knit up as – maybe someday they’ll show up here as sweaters and scarves! I hope…

In knitting news, Ariann is off the needles! It’s sitting in it’s soak bath right now. Final assessment after it’s blocked.