On the needles

by flowergirlknits

I don’t like to have a lot of projects going on at once – it makes me kinda frantic. Also, working on just a couple projects seems to insure that they’ll get finished. However, I do now usually have two things going – one small project (usually socks) that I can easily carry to work and on trips, and one larger and/or more complicated project to work on at home when I can concentrate.

This is my current large project – Ariann by ChicKnits. This sweater has been both a bane and a joy. I love the pattern which is easy to memorize and looks amazing, but I have struggled hugely with the actual construction, especially increases and decreases. Please be assured, this has nothing to do with the quality of the pattern as written, but with the ability of this knitter’s brain to figure things out! I’ve ripped and frogged and tinked more times than I can remember – and I hate to rip/frog/tink. I’m on the homestretch now; I think I can get it mostly done just by focusing on it for a couple hours. And yet, I’m kinda scared too, even more than the usual “will it fit” worry – in-spite of conscientiously going back over and over to fix mistakes, there are indeed several mistakes. Some visible, some not. The best way to know, of course, is to get on with it and finish it.

My small project has been much easier and lots of fun, but it has dragged on a bit. I only knit on it for about 15-20 minutes a day (during my lunch hour at work) so it is, understandably, taking forever! I am thoroughly sick of the color of the yarn (which, actually, is very pretty – I just need a break from it) and the pattern, grumperina’s Jaywalker is getting tiresome (again, I love the pattern – I just need a break from it!) Again, a little concentrated time and these will be done (I’m about halfway thru the second sock now)

More time – isn’t that what we all really want for Christmas?!