Does the world really need another knit blog?

by flowergirlknits

Well, nimg_3225.jpgo, not really. Especially when there are so many wonderful blogs out there already, written by talented artists with wit and style not to mention gorgeous knitting. My knitting is still new and modest and somewhat slow. So, why am I jumping into the pool? I guess because everyone else seems to be having such a good time and I didn’t want to miss out any longer!

However, I don’t even begin to compare this little blog with any of my favorites; there will be no new designs and probably few if any original ideas here. I’m not anticipating an eager readership – in fact, the only person I’m writing for is myself. A blog can be a great place to keep a knitting journal where I can record my thoughts and opinions about a project or yarn or pattern. It’s also a great writing exercise, keeping those skills (such as they are!) sharp and improving. And it’s excellent for improving the power of observation – you keep your eyes/mind/thoughts more open, you’re always thinking what might make a good blog subject, you’re more aware of the world beyond the end of your nose. And a blog, usually seen as written in isolation, can connect you to a community. Any one of these would make starting a blog worthwhile; taken together they make it compelling.